Ferrata courses Catinaccio


in the Catinaccio group

Nowadays you don't need to be a "superman" to climb famous summits up steep rocky faces; this is why ferrate have become more and more popular!
All this has been made possible thanks to the use of fixed ropes and other aids such as pegs and ladders, but don't forget it's not as easy it looks.
There is always a small percentage of risk; bearing in mind we are moving around in an alpine environment.
This course which lasts two days, aims at teaching you to recognise danger and therefore reduce risk. Safety techniques, correct behaviour, orienteering, planning an itinerary and knowing how to give the right value to the perils of the mountains are the main aims for a successful trip.
Thanks to the contents of this course, you will develop the necessary base to move independently.

Additional Info

  • Area: Catinaccio Group.
  • Requirements: excursion experience.
  • Equipment: on request we supply technical equipment free of charge.
  • Accommodation: hotels or various huts.
  • Number participants: 3 - 5 persons to one alpine guide.
  • Services provided: 2 days with mountain guide, equipment, transfers.
  • Period: May - October. Please let us know your desired date.
  • Price: Euro 190.-