For all beginners

Our special deal

If you have no experience, you are not equipped and you do not want to commit yourself to a whole week, but you would like to try to enter this unknown world at least once.
We give you the opportunity to experiment, in a relaxed atmosphere, in only three days, the different variations that exist in the mountains during the summer.
You will learn what is necessary to be able to undertake a ferrata on your own and reach with our help one of the famous summits in the Catinaccio Group.

Day 1: climbing crag with lots of rock climbing and the elements of technique and equipment.
Day 2: ferrata in the Catinaccio group.
Day 3: climbing one of our famous peaks: Catinaccio, Torri del Vaiolet, Croz di S. Giuliana.

Additional Info

  • Area: Catinaccio.
  • Requirements: passion for sport.
  • Equipment: on request we supply technical equipment free of charge.
  • Accommodation: personal choice.
  • Number participants: min. 3 pers. to one alpine guide.
  • Services provided: 3 days guide, equipment.
  • Period: May to October. Please let us know your desired date.
  • Price: Euro 290.-