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Week walking with snow shoes

Week walking with snow shoes

Week walking with snow shoes



Walking with snow shoes — living a winter fable


With the arrival of the first snow flakes, the landscape suddenly changes appearance: fields are covered in bizarre frost crystals, snow covered trees, and the Dolomite summits, bright and shining gigantic rocks rise up into the deep blue winter sky.

The Dolomites and the Valley Sarentino are particularly fascinating on account of this new way of moving in the snow. Here you will find almost all that the heart of a passionate snow shoe walker could desire, from easy rolling walks to steeper and more demanding itineraries.
In first place we find not only the daily pleasures which our trips offer but just as important we learn to be aware of danger and how to proceed on open terrain.
Other focal points of the week are the correct behaviour in case of avalanches, orienting oneself and learning to safely use a transceiver (electronic research for avalanche victims). For this week we have chosen Catinaccio, Latemar and the Valley Sarentino. Both territories are particularly suitable for snow shoes.
In the Catinaccio area as well as Latemar the backup base will be a comfortable hotel in Nova Levante; in the Valley Sarentino a hotel in Valdurna.


Touring area Catinaccio / Latemar

Area: Catinaccio, Latemar
Accommodation: Boarding house at Nova Levante
Difficulty: Depending on requests and ability
Itineraries offered: Latemar labyrinth, Passo Vaiolon, Haniker plain, Vaiolet valley, Passo Cigolade
Price: 750€


Touring area Valley Sarentino

Area: Valley Sarentino
Accommodation: Hotel in Valdurna
Difficulty: Demanding; 6 - 8 hours of walking per day
Itineraries offered: Forcella Tramin, Forcella Valdurna, Punta S. Cassiano, Forcella Vallaga
Price: 850€


Day trips available!
Min. number partecipants:
4 persons.
Price: € 40 — 60.- including equipment



Requisiti Buona preparazione fisica, passione per lo sport
Attrezzatura A richiesta mettiamo a disposizione gratuitamente l'attrezzatura tecnica
Numero partecipanti 6 - 10 persone per guida
Prestazione 5x guida, 6x mezza pensione, trasferimento, attrezzatura


Event Information

Event Date 04.02.2024
Event End Date 10.01.2024
Price 750 € — 850 €
Area Catinaccio - Latemar, Sarentino Valley